World Map

World Map using D3 inspired from

Created by Admin User on Sun Jan 17 2016 14:28:29 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Last updated: Sat Feb 13 2016 03:31:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)

You can embed the project by including the followng script into your HTML page:

<div id='mainpart'></div>

<script src=''></script>

You can view the deployed project on this test page

You can embed that page as a iframe directly as well by including the followng code into your HTML page:

<iframe src='' onload=" +'px';"/>

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Libraries and Stylesheets (CSS) which are loaded at start-up


Jade, Javascript, Data and CSS files used in this app


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#map svg(width="960",height="500") g


Link to file
Main function name

var projection = d3.geo.mercator() .center([20, 20 ]) .scale(150) var path = d3.geo.path() .projection(projection); var g ="#map svg g") g.selectAll("path") .data(topojson.object(topology, topology.objects.countries) .geometries) .enter() .append("path") .attr("d", path)

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

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path { stroke: white; stroke-width: 0.25px; fill: gray; }

Data on World Map

Variable name topology

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