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Display list of projects, filtering out unnamed project recipient field

Created by Kevin Horst on Tue Jan 19 2016 15:21:20 GMT+0000 (UTC)
Last updated: Tue Mar 01 2016 17:57:56 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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table#results.display thead tr th Contact Name th Organization th Email th Recipients th Project Title th Link to Project th Objective th Milestones th Areas of Assistance th Donors and Implementing Organizations th Status th Recipient Composition th ICAO region th Project Dates th Type of Assistance th ICAO Priority th Budget th Funding Status th Funding Source tbody for row in projects.feed.entry if(row.gsx$projectstatus.$t)!="Project Completed" tr td span=row.gsx$salutation.$t &nbsp; span=row.gsx$firstname.$t &nbsp; span=row.gsx$lastname.$t td=row.gsx$organizationname.$t td=row.gsx$contactemailaddress.$t td=row.gsx$recipientstatesororganizations.$t td=row.gsx$projecttitle.$t td=row.gsx$linktoprojectwebsite.$t td=row.gsx$projectobjective.$t td=row.gsx$milestonesandoutcomes.$t td=row.gsx$areasofassistance.$t td span=row.gsx$projectdonororfunder.$t &nbsp; span=row.gsx$implementingorganization.$t td=row.gsx$projectstatus.$t td=row.gsx$recipientprojectcomposition.$t td=row.gsx$icaoprojectregion.$t td span=row.gsx$projectstartyear.$t &nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp; span=row.gsx$projectendyear.$t td=row.gsx$typeofassistance.$t td=row.gsx$icaoprioritystates.$t td span=row.gsx$projectbudget.$t &nbsp; span=row.gsx$currencyprimarytype.$t &nbsp; span=row.gsx$currencytypesecondbudgetamount.$t td=row.gsx$fundingstatus.$t td=row.gsx$fundingsources.$t


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