The Javascript development and learning platform

QUIPS is a platform to learn, practive, develop and host web applications written in Javascript and Jade. QUIPS let's you focus on your code and takes care of the hosting and server side generations.

Get Started

This is a beta release! It is totally free, no credit card required. Give it a try.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, suggestions, proposals etc.

Build apps easily

Quips lets you program in Jade, CSS and JavaScript which are the easiest and fastest languages to write amazing applications.

Learn as you go

Quips proposes labs next to its applications which allow you to learn how to build them step-by-step

Stop worrying about servers, databases and CORS

Quips uses a cluster of Node.js server on the Amazon Web Services cloud to host and run your web applications which makes it fast, realiable and cheap.