Get Started

Quips is a platform which will let you experiment, develop and deploy Javascript web-apps. Here how to get started.

1- Get Registered

You can look around in the catalogue and check out some labs but to create a project and start coding, you have to register. Registration to beta is free. No credit card or anything required.

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2- Create a project

You can look at any app from the catalogue. If you find one which is close to what you want to build, clone it and start from there. You can also create a project from scratch of course.

Take a lab if you need help or want some tutorial.

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3- Start Coding

Write code directly online using our ACE editor or code locally and link your code as a file.

4- Deploy and share

Any project under development can be shared with other users of your choice.

Once finished, you can deploy your app and integrate it into your webpages as a script or as an iframe. You can even publish it into our catalogue so that anybody can use it.